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Ilość: szt. Biographies History • ^ "Ready Player One (2018) - International Box Office Results - Box Office Mojo". Archived from the original on July 25, 2018 . Retrieved July 25, 2018. “ Я высказал свою собственную позицию, которая поддерживает позицию Александры. Я высказал то, что с моей точки зрения имеет отношение к печальной действительности и к еще более грустной перспективе. Ход Александры это просто констатация реального положения дел на «родине слонов». Если так пойдет и дальше, то скоро обсуждать нечего будет и некому… Blue Collar Worker Projects and • Roadmap M. Marcos Gonzalez

Hidden categories: Chicago Mayor Says City's Police Officers Will Be 'Stripped Of Their Powers' If They Turn Off Their Cameras (33) While Facebook might collect everything you say and do on its platform, it isn’t happy with sharing this information with others. Facebook is also keenly aware of attempts by many governments to restrict access to a tool that allows strangers across the web to talk and collaborate freely. • ^ a b "Justice Department investigates Sci-Hub founder on suspicion of working for Russian intelligence". The Washington Post. 2019-12-19 . Retrieved 2019-12-20. Kubota T. Stanford researchers discuss the benefits – and perils – of science without peer review . Stanford News, April 6 2020. • ^ a b c d Alexandra Elbakyan (2 July 2017). "Some facts on Sci-Hub that Wikipedia gets wrong". Archived from the original on 3 December 2017 . Retrieved 30 April 2018. This lesson focuses on the five oceans and explores their geographical features, such as depth, size and average temperatures. This provides a great opportunity to get your class using statistics, data and graphs to answer questions. Read More Read More

356,323 ... Hosts material without regard to copyright • CiteULike Working Now -> (Updated-1.06.2020) Existen diversas pautas para identificar estos sitios. Baste mencionar acá que debe usarse el sentido común como lo haría al comprar online: si algo parece sospechoso, proceda con precaución. Muchos pequeños editores en open access reciben subvenciones de universidades y/o sociedades científicas en la forma de alojamiento en servidores web, espacio físico y recursos humanos, ofreciendo de este modo tarifas de publicación más bajas que BioMed Central o PLoS, empresas independientes que operan con ganancias 7.

For example, if you study a degree in biology, you could minor in computer science and explore a future career in bioinformatics! • Open science data 11. Секунду. Если Вы осуждаете взятые с потолка обобщения, то почему сами бросаетесь подобными заявлениями? I stood there for a moment, staring at her in silence, waiting for her to acknowledge my presence. Eventually, she turned and smiled at me, and it was a smile I recognized immediately ...When I didn't say anything, her eyes dropped to her boots and stayed on them. I sat down heavily in the passenger seat, still staring over at her, still unsure of what to say. She kept stealing glances at me; then her eyes would dart away nervously. She was still trembling." Andrew – what do you think of George Monbiot’s article published in the Guardian (UK Newspaper) last week: • Lost Worlds Обидеться и демонстрировать враждебность — это другое. These campaigns could erode the base of the Legal Open Access movement: scientists’ awareness of their options for sharing research. Elbakyan, on the other hand, would be left unaffected. The legal campaigns against Sci-Hub have — through the Streisand effect — made the site more well-known than most mainstay repositories, and Elbakyan more famous than legal Open Access champions like Suber. The threat posed by ACS’s injunction against Sci-Hub has increased support for the site from web activists organizations such as the EFF, which considesr the site “a symptom of a serious problem: people who can’t afford expensive journal subscriptions, and who don’t have institutional access to academic databases, are unable to use cutting-edge scientific research.” In The Bayern Agenda, Dan Moren wove together the story of political operatives in the midst of an interplanetary cold war — the Illyrican Empire and Commonwealth of Independent Systems have been fighting for years, and to get a leg up, the CIS dispatches a team to the Bayern Corporation, a planet-sized bank. When that mission goes sideways, Agent Simon Kovalic is sent in to rescue his former team. "There's Something I Need to Do" • Showbiz associate editor In instances of academics linking to Sci-Hub, it is more likely to be a question of contributory infringement than vicarious infringement, said Hardy. So could linking to Sci-Hub be considered contributory infringement? Hardy thinks yes. fx technical director • additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. Sound waves • 1.1 Legal situation • Private Internet Access Coupons • January 2012 Nah, come on. effects technical director: ILM Hosts material without regard to copyright • ^ Khomami, Nadia (28 May 2016). "All scientific papers to be free by 2020 under EU proposals". The Guardian. ISSN 0261-3077. Archived from the original on 11 March 2019 . Retrieved 10 March 2019. SF Subgenre Guides • ^ Bohannon, John; Elbakyan, Alexandra (28 April 2016). "Open access". Data from: Who's downloading pirated papers? Everyone (Data Set). Dryad Digital Repository. doi: 10.5061/dryad.q447c. AP Supervisor • Casey S Greene , Product details • Sutton C. Is free inevitable in scholarly communication?: The economics of open access. College & Research Libraries News. 2011; 72:642–645. doi: 10.5860/crln.72.11.8671. [ CrossRef] [ Google Scholar] Literature In English Download When Elbakyan started Sci-Hub in 2011, “it was a side project,” she says. She operated it without a repository for downloaded articles. With every request for a paper, a new copy was downloaded through a university’s subscription. It would automatically be deleted six hours later. If, for some reason, a person couldn’t access a paper through one university’s servers, they could switch and download them through another’s. • Contact Us TV An often overlooked aspect of the DOI system is that DOIs are case-insensitive within the ASCII character range ( International DOI Foundation, 2017; British Standards Institute, 2012). In other words, 10.7717/peerj.705 refers to the same article as 10.7717/PeerJ.705. Accordingly, DOIs make a poor standard identifier unless they are consistently cased. While the DOI handbook states that “all DOI names are converted to upper case upon registration” ( International DOI Foundation, 2017), we lowercased DOIs in accordance with Crossref’s behavior. Given the risk of unmatched DOIs, we lowercased DOIs for each input resource at the earliest opportunity in our processing pipeline. Consistent casing considerably influenced our findings as different resources used different casings of the same DOI. Crossref-derived catalog of scholarly articles Request a detailed protocol • ^ Graber-Stiehl, Ian (8 February 2018). "Science's Pirate Queen". The Verge. Archived from the original on 28 October 2018 . Retrieved 27 October 2018. • P2P Foundation • Book "If you're saying, 'Here's a site that lets you get a bunch of illegal, infringing materials for free, I really recommend you go here.' That's when you're encouraging people to infringe copyright," said Stoltz. "Providing the link in a way that doesn't show a preference is ok. And that's really important. The papers on Sci-Hub are not contraband. It's not like child pornography that is illegal to possess." We used DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) to uniquely identify articles. The Sci-Hub and LibGen scimag repositories also uniquely identify articles by their DOIs, making DOIs the natural primary identifier for our analyses. The DOI initiative began in 1997, and the first DOIs were registered in 2000 ( International DOI Foundation, 2017; Wang, 2007). Note that DOIs can be registered retroactively. For example, Antony van Leewenhoeck’s discovery of protists and bacteria — published in 1677 by Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London ( van Leewenhoeck, 1677) — has a DOI (10.1098/rstl.1677.0003), retroactively assigned in 2006. stereo executive producer • 5 Conclusions Everyone loves a good story and stories under the sea are always exciting! Give your class the chance to choose their own characters, problems and underwater settings as they plan and write their own under the sea stories to make into digital storybo... Read More Read More • Pop TV • ↑ a b Willinsky, J. (2016). Sci-Hub: research piracy and the public good. painter Next, we investigated coverage based on the year an article was published ( Figure 6). For most years since 1850, annual coverage is between 60–80%. However, there is a dropoff in coverage, starting in 2010, for recently published articles. For example, 2016 coverage was 56.0% and 2017 coverage (for part of the year) was 45.3%. One factor is that it can take some time for Sci-Hub to retrieve articles following their publication, as many articles are not downloaded until requested by a user. Another possible factor is that some publishers are now deploying more aggressive measures to deter unauthorized article downloads ( Rovner, 2014; Becker, 2016), making recent articles less accessible. External links [ edit ] animator ↓ Customer reviews York Notes, the ultimate study guides • April 2010 6pm Score deals on fashion brands Non Formal Education As An Alternative To Formal Education • Open Access News • Book • ^ Hansen, Rob (13 August 2003). "British Fanzine Bibliography" . Retrieved 17 January 2007. • Copyright troll production assistant: Industrial Light & Magic • ^ Poe, Edgar Allan. The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Volume 1, "The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaal". Archived from the original on 27 June 2006 . Retrieved 17 January 2007. • October 2009 Searching for content but don’t want to give up your privacy? DuckDuckGo is a great alternative to Google. Search activity isn’t logged by design. Even without the ability to learn about your behavior or monitor your email and browsing, DuckDuckGo provides decent results. Which raises the question: Are Google’s extensive surveillance techniques really necessary? • (Taiwan) • eMule • ^ Fernández-Ramos, Andrés; Rodríguez Bravo, María Blanca; Alvite Díez, María Luisa; Santos de Paz, Lourdes; Morán Suárez, María Antonia; Gallego Lorenzo, Josefa; Olea Merino, Isabel (2019). "Evolution of the big deals use in the public universities of the Castile and Leon region, Spain = Evolución del uso de los big deals en las universidades públicas de Castilla y León". El profesional de la información (in Spanish). 28 (6). doi: 10.3145/epi.2019.nov.19. • - food • American Journal of Biotechnology and Molecular Sciences However, even prominent western institutions such as Harvard and Cornell have had to cut down their access to publications due to ever-increasing subscription costs, [64] potentially causing some of the highest use of Sci-Hub to be in American cities with well-known universities (this may however be down to the convenience of the site rather than a lack of access). [3] Sci-Hub can be seen as one venue in a general trend in which research is becoming more accessible. [65] Many academics, university librarians and longtime advocates for open scholarly research believe Elbakyan is "giving academic publishers their Napster moment", referring to the illegal music-sharing service that "disrupted and permanently altered the industry". [7] • Book Blog Lecture Notes in Computer Science Teen & Young Adult • Accepted Manuscript updated: February 13, 2018 (version 2) Editor’s Note: Today’s post is by Andrew Pitts, Co-Founder and CEO of PSI, and is based on the talk he gave at the 2018 Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Annual Meeting . • software Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our "Gateway" is the first science fiction book I ever read, because my father, a longtime sci-fi junkie, had loved it. It's an intense read that explores why we make the choices we do, and how we deal with the consequences of those choices in the black vacuum of space. In "Gateway," those with the money to leave the dying Earth can hitch a ride on a starship that will either make them wealthy beyond their wildest dreams or lead them to a grim and possibly violent death. Or, like our hero, you could wind up in the grip of a massive black hole and have to make difficult decisions that lead you to the couch of an electronic shrink. ~Jennifer Lawinski Michael Lichtenstein David Manos Morris