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Hi XXXXXX, • During our presentation at SSP (I was part of the panel, but did not address this part of the argument), Pitts et al. did discuss evidence for nefarious Sci-Hub behavior beyond copyright infringement, notably including circumvention of 2FA protocols and the planitng of malware. I know Pitts is traveling today and won’t in a position to respond to comments until tomorrow, but I’m hoping that he will be able to share further information about this. • Gloves • RIDE Data Resources The European Commission included Sci-Hub in its "Piracy Watch List". [36] Website [ edit ] Sci-Hub is poised to fundamentally disrupt scholarly publishing. The transition to gratis availability of scholarly articles is currently underway, and such a model may be inevitable in the long term ( Lewis, 2012; Sutton, 2011; Jha, 2012). However, we urge the community to take this opportunity to fully liberate scholarly articles, as well as explore more constructive business models for publishing ( Paul et al., 2017; Vogel, 2017; Logan, 2017). Only libre access, enabled by open licensing, allows building applications on top of scholarly literature without fear of legal consequences ( Himmelstein, 2016). For example, fulltext mining of scholarly literature is an area of great potential ( Westergaard et al., 2017), but is currently impractical due to the lack of a large-scale preprocessed corpus of articles. The barriers here are legal, not technological ( Brook et al., 2014; Van Noorden, 2012). In closing, were all articles libre, there would be no such thing as a “pirate website” for accessing scholarly literature. • July 2017 How to access SciHub? Effective Teaching Strategies in PK-12 classrooms

Data Availability • January 2018 • August 2010 Are these links up to date? • Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research! • Advertising (2) • Keep it polite and civil: please refrain from resorting to ad hominem attacks. • Make lists of titles you find: most interesting, best covered and most likely to be accepted by your instructor/adviser. Yes you can, use Sci hub like normal people do. • December • Wire Cutters Science Gallery Melbourne Twitter

Open Access started in 2002 and 2003 in Budapest, Bethesda, and Berlin. Sci-Hub on the other hand did not start stealing content until 2011. It’s not Sci-Hub that will bring about productive change in Open Access. Rather it is a total revamping of the scholarly reward system that Marc Schiltz mentioned at the very end of his keynote talk yesterday. I confess I was hoping that this important issue would have received more than a cursory mention given its obvious importance. Приметы времени. Если вам кто-то очень не нравится, назовите того либералом, это ужасное ругательство. Никто толком не знает, что оно значит, но судя по всему, это замаскированный посыл в далекое далеко. Если ваши взгляды далеки от оппозиционных, добавьте прилагательное «оппозиционный», это усугубит ругательство на порядок, ведь оппозиционеры — это прислужники запада, предатели родины. Add to Bag Utopia For Realists Copies Sold • We're done. The extension should be available as if installed from Chrome store. Activists Please retweet to your friends,help us become stronger!

502: BAD_GATEWAY Code: NO_RESPONSE_FROM_FUNCTION ID: iad1::dnt7j-1591851514393-c80d037b9384 • College Search Resources • August • Water Baths • June 2009 • Sharing software • • ^ Henderson, Emma (15 February 2016). "Pirate website offering millions of academic papers for free refuses to close despite lawsuit". The Independent. Independent Print Limited. Archived from the original on 17 February 2016 . Retrieved 15 February 2016.

• Perfect Dark Working Sci Hub Proxy Links: Citing sources inside the agency, the Washington Post last week reported that the Justice Department had opened an investigation into Elbakyan. According to the Post, US authorities believe Elbakyan has links to Russian intelligence, in part because the sheer scale of Sci-Hub’s activities make it likely she is acting with the tacit approval, if not the assistance, of the Kremlin. The Justice Department did not immediately respond to Quartz’s request seeking confirmation that it is investigating Elbakyan’s activities. • Academics Elbakyan is reluctant to disclose much about how she secured access to so many papers, but she tells me that most of it came from exploiting libraries and universities’ subscriptions, saying that she “gained access” to “around 400 universities.” Waters High School | Waters, VA Resume Center • Piwowar H. Introducing oaDOI: resolve a DOI straight to OA. [February 7, 2018]; Impactstory Blog. 2016 What else would someone be downloading from SciHub? These documents are not state secrets, they are taxpayer and charity funded research articles that are already available to tens of thousands of academics around the world (and unavailable to thousands more behind paywalls). • February 2009 Sentinels data publication was restored at 15:00 UTC, 27-May 2020 movements • September 2012 Why have I been blocked? • The opinion piece in the Guardian dismisses the costs of publishing, marketing, distributing, and archiving scholarly publications. One can argue the costs assigned by and profitability of the publishers are too high, but one cannot say there are zero costs. A good comparison is the cost of a hamburger at a high end restaurant versus a fast-food restaurant versus cooking at home. Should we get all three meals for the same price? (6) Scientists in some European countries began negotiations with Elsevier and other academic publishers on introducing national open access. [61] [62] • Only includes research that validates assumptions and does not consider contrary findings and alternative interpretations found in the literature. Hart, Chris. Doing a Literature Review: Releasing the Social Science Research Imagination. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1 998. 15:45 • give award • Soundbar Reviews La investigadora tiene 31 años, se enfrentó sola a un grupo de gigantes y vive escondida por miedo a ser encarcelada. • - creepy • gökhan gönül 31 This optional flag specifies the script to open the article in a browser window without downloading. Using the script over proxy BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBILITY ALERT!!! K Sci-Hub blocks access to Russian IP addresses due to disputes with the Russian Scientific establishment and the naming of a newly discovered parasitoid wasp species, Idiogramma elbakyanae, after Alexandra Elbakyan ( Standish, 2017; Khalaim and Ruíz-Cancino, 2017). Four days later, Sci-Hub restores access after receiving “ many letters of support from Russian researchers”. In February 2016, the website claimed to serve over 200,000 requests per day [3]—an increase from an average of 80,000 per day before the "" domain was blocked in 2015. [50] Flow Cuvettes We said: Thackerary’s satirical reflection of society on the whole embodied in a cast of characters who although flawed, we can’t help but love and root for as we follow their fortunes and downfalls throughout the Napoleonic wars. Professor Add to Bag The Quaternions files contain the decoded attitude from the satellites’ AOCS data on a time tagged file. In case of data gaps, these Quaternions files are filled with the simulated attitude derived from precise orbital products. The users can find the definition of the Quaternions files in the POD File Format Specification (PFS) document. by Kazuo Ishiguro 5) The image below shows data from just one of the attacks discussed in the above email extracts: • Products From where I live Sci-Hub is often slow, breaking down, etc. Help them! Alanna Spalsbury ’16 expanded her personal experience as a one-on-one aide for a kindergartener with hyperlexia into a larger research project exploring hyperlexia. Working with Dr. Katherine Glenn-Applegatehe, she explored the multiple facets of social communication deficiencies in children with hyperlexia and strategies for encouraging their social development while nurturing their gift for reading. Draft Implications for Practice • Honors (optional): e.g. Magna Cum Laude "If you're saying, 'Here's a site that lets you get a bunch of illegal, infringing materials for free, I really recommend you go here.' That's when you're encouraging people to infringe copyright," said Stoltz. "Providing the link in a way that doesn't show a preference is ok. And that's really important. The papers on Sci-Hub are not contraband. It's not like child pornography that is illegal to possess." • Comparison of Internet Relay Chat clients • DC++ • Account Settings • Copernicus Services Data Hub: from 1:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC, 27-May 2020 • 8 Scholarly sources • Fan Zone • Peter Sunde • Further information • give award • Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia • American Journal of Food and Nutrition • Comparison of eDonkey software • Study Abroad Surface Science An Introduction Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * • permalink • Datalogging Since 2015, Sci-Hub has operated its own repository, distinct from LibGen. On March 19, 2017, Sci-Hub released the list of DOIs for articles in its database. Greshake retrieved metadata for 77% of Sci-Hub DOIs ( Greshake, 2017a; Greshake, 2017b). He found that 95% of articles in Sci-Hub were published after 1950. Sci-Hub requests were even more skewed towards recent articles, with only 5% targeting articles published before 1983. Greshake’s study did not incorporate a catalog of all scholarly literature. This study analyzes Sci-Hub’s catalog in the context of all scholarly literature and thus assesses coverage. In other words, what percentage of articles in a given domain does Sci-Hub have in its repository? SuperCut Scissors Usage: When looking for a paper, we usually get to the paper site (springer, acm, ieeexplore). From there you press the addon's button and it opens a new tab with the corresponding pdf paper in sci-hub. Sometimes sci-hub requires some captcha. That's it, pretty simple eh? See also: Teacher cover letter examples • Become an Affiliate • Chemistry (7-12)