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Ilość: szt. • Games Weekly interest from Google Trends is plotted over time for the search terms “Sci-Hub” and “LibGen”. The light green period indicates when Sci-Hub used LibGen as its database for storing articles (Elbakyan, 2017). Light blue indicates the collection period of the Sci-Hub access logs that we analyze throughout this study (Elbakyan and Bohannon, 2016). Based on these logs and newly released logs for 2017, Figure 1—figure supplement 1 shows the number of articles downloaded from Sci-Hub over time, providing an alternative look into Sci-Hub’s growth. The first pink dotted line represents the collection date of the LibGen scimag metadata used in Cabanac’s study (Cabanac, 2016; Cabanac, 2017). The second pink dotted line shows the date of Sci-Hub’s tweeted DOI catalog used in this study. The events indicated by the letters ( A), ( B), ( C) … are explained in the main text. ... Available Soon • embed Moscow, Russia • save • reddit premium Two-Face (Lego) | • Tweens (10-12) • Katharine Norbury (1 )

Nominated roto paint supervisor: digital domain • give award see the search faq for details. concept illustrator • reddit coins Government Polytechnic Firozabad Podcasts

... The website Sci-Hub, now in its sixth year of existence, provides gratis access to scholarly literature, despite the continued presence of paywalls. Sci-Hub brands itself as “the first pirate website in the world to provide mass and public access to tens of millions of research papers.” The website, started in 2011, is run by Alexandra Elbakyan, a graduate student and native of Kazakhstan who now resides in Russia ( Bohannon, 2016a; Schiermeier, 2015). Elbakyan describes herself as motivated to provide universal access to knowledge ( Elbakyan, 2016a; Elbakyan, 2015; Milova, 2017). Vic Chao • True Stories (1981) E The article “Meet the Robin Hood of Science” by Simon Oxenham spurs a wave of attention and news coverage on Sci-Hub and Alexandra Elbakyan ( Oxenham, 2016), culminating in The New York Times asking “Should all research papers be free?” ( Murphy, 2016). The costs involved in the peer-review process, even with the reviewers and many of the editors working for free, are far higher than the average author ever even considers. All those wonderful internet-based manuscript submission and peer-review systems that have so resoundingly reduced postage expenses and lag times for review for the authors cost serious money. Running papers through iThenticate to ensure that the authors are not plagiarizing someone else’s research and/or writing costs serious money. Paying for the technical infrastructure to host the published papers that SciHub then steals costs serious money. Doing the marketing and outreach to promote the published papers costs money. The average scholarly archival journal is a multi-million dollar annual effort. Add in the expense involved in organizing the meetings at which many published papers are first presented and you start to understand why so many journals are operated by non-profits.

And this goes on say for about 100 pages or so. Then suddenly out of the blue you read, "He's fucking me". • permalink | Alexis Bledel, Madeline Brewer, Amanda Brugel, Ann Dowd, O. T. Fagbenle, Joseph Fiennes, Kristen Gutoskie, Nina Kiri, Ashleigh LaThrop, Elisabeth Moss, Yvonne Strahovski, Bahia Watson, Bradley Whitford and Samira Wiley key assistant location manager • permalink Sri Venkateswara University BA 1st Year Result

... "],map.option=map.optgroup=[1,' ',""],map.thead=map.tbody=map.colgroup=map.caption=map.tfoot=[1," ",""],[1,' ',""]; • BitTorrent One of the primary resources that makes Gilead so powerful as a national state is their military; considering they wouldn’t want to completely uproot the standing infrastructure of the US during the creation of Gilead, it’s makes sense that the head of the military state, Gilead, is centered in a military driven city like dc while some trade and religious philosophical structures are organized in a place like Boston. And the odd Handmaid who dies in childbirth - by the looks of it they have gone back to the home birth model, without a midwife (unless one was there for Janine’s delivery). I’m honestly surprised that top notch obstetrics isn’t given to Handmaids, and the birth done in a hospital. If we don't oppose the hypocrisy and illogical idiocy of lawmaking against women's choice regarding unwanted pregnancy, claiming that it is based on moral and religious grounds, we will have a society ruled by 17th century Puritans with an evil modern twist. false • Gwendoline Riley (1 ) • embed Registration • Next Stop Key Of Solomon Epub Yep. I literally don’t know any woman that’s not having children because of her “career”. Half are doing it because they lack the money like you and the other half simply don’t want to have them. • KickassTorrents Please do not submit articles or videos that are a direct, complete copy-paste of original reporting. More Info. External links [ edit ] • ^ Lucie-Smith, Alexander (29 May 2017). "Should Catholics watch The Handmaid's Tale?". The Catholic Herald . Retrieved 18 June 2017. 1 of 1 • - dataisbeautiful • Colleges by State • - funny • XIV Salvaging E08 - Jezebels • share Streaming programs • v Elisabeth Anisimow • 1.1 BA Part 1 Exam Result 2020 Ledyard/Gales Ferry Adult Fiction • - todayilearned • WIRE Newsletter Also I felt the use of the song didn't work quite well. Can't really put my finger on why, but it was maybe about levels (it was much higher than the rest of the audio sources), or that they restarted the song again at the very end. • parent FIC ATWOOD i ... I read it in middle school summer between 6th and 7th I believe. But maybe I'm not the best judge because I read 1984 in 4th grade. I'd say upper high school junior/senior I doubt it would ever be taught at level though because of the sex so probably freshman college. They are pushing their own field-recognized journals that are partially open-access (12mo blackout window, then fully open access) with the option to go full open access from the beginning for a surcharge, and are even working to provide publishing cost assistance for those in need of it (such as early-career scientists who may not have a lot of funding to lean on). Despite all these arrangements, nothing is working and not enough babies are being born. Everybody is secretly breaking the rules. We're constantly reminded of the lovelessness and absence of eroticism in this society, as well as the absence of choice and free will. (For more on fertility, see "Flowers" and "Eggs" in this section.) Flowers • Seller-Supplied Images (50) COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Science Fiction • Giveaways World Of Science Class 4 Johanna Thea The site's operation is financed by user donations. [3] Article sourcing [ edit ] • Sitemap By using the Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. • E09 - The Bridge "use strict";var required=require(1202),qs=require(1185),slashes=/^[A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9+-.]*:\/\//,protocolre=/^([a-z][a-z0-9.+-]*:)?(\/\/)?([\S\s]*)/i,whitespace="[\\x09\\x0A\\x0B\\x0C\\x0D\\x20\\xA0\\u1680\\u180E\\u2000\\u2001\\u2002\\u2003\\u2004\\u2005\\u2006\\u2007\\u2008\\u2009\\u200A\\u202F\\u205F\\u3000\\u2028\\u2029\\uFEFF]",left=new RegExp("^"+whitespace+"+");function trimLeft(e){return(e||"").toString().replace(left,"")}var rules=[["#","hash"],["?","query"],function(e){return e.replace("\\","/")},["/","pathname"],["@","auth",1],[NaN,"host",void 0,1,1],[/:(\d+)$/,"port",void 0,1],[NaN,"hostname",void 0,1,1]],ignore={hash:1,query:1};function lolcation(e){var t,o=("undefined"!=typeof window?window:"undefined"!=typeof global?global:"undefined"!=typeof self?self:{}).location||{},r={},s=typeof(e=e||o);if("blob:"===e.protocol)r=new Url(unescape(e.pathname),{});else if("string"===s)for(t in r=new Url(e,{}),ignore)delete r[t];else if("object"===s){for(t in e)t in ignore||(r[t]=e[t]);void 0===r.slashes&&(r.slashes=slashes.test(e.href))}return r}function extractProtocol(e){e=trimLeft(e);var t=protocolre.exec(e);return{protocol:t[1]?t[1].toLowerCase():"",slashes:!!t[2],rest:t[3]}}function resolve(e,t){if(""===e)return t;for(var o=(t||"/").split("/").slice(0,-1).concat(e.split("/")),r=o.length,s=o[r-1],a=!1,n=0;r--;)"."===o[r]?o.splice(r,1):".."===o[r]?(o.splice(r,1),n++):n&&(0===r&&(a=!0),o.splice(r,1),n--);return a&&o.unshift(""),"."!==s&&".."!==s||o.push(""),o.join("/")}function Url(e,t,o){if(e=trimLeft(e),!(this instanceof Url))return new Url(e,t,o);var r,s,a,n,l,i,c=rules.slice(),u=typeof t,h=this,p=0;for("object"!==u&&"string"!==u&&(o=t,t=null),o&&"function"!=typeof o&&(o=qs.parse),t=lolcation(t),r=!(s=extractProtocol(e||"")).protocol&&!s.slashes,h.slashes=s.slashes||r&&t.slashes,h.protocol=s.protocol||t.protocol||"",,s.slashes||(c[3]=[/(.*)/,"pathname"]);p /g;return function(s,n,c){s=s||"";var b,o,k,u=e,l=0,d="",h="",p=!1;for("string"==typeof n?n=function(e){for(var r,a=[];null!==(r=i.exec(e));)a.push(r[1]);return 0!==a.length?a:null}(n):Array.isArray(n)||(n=null),b=0,o=s.length;b ":if(l){l--;break}if(p)break;if(u==r){p=u=0,n&&(h+=">",y());break}if(u==a){p=u=0,h="";break}if(u==t&&"-"==s[b-1]&&"-"==s[b-2]){p=u=0,h="";break}g(k);break;case'"':case"'":u==r&&(p==k?p=!1:p||(p=k)),g(k);break;case"!":if(u==r&&"<"==s[b-1]){u=a;break}g(k);break;case"-":if(u==a&&"-"==s[b-1]&&"!"==s[b-2]){u=t;break}g(k);break;case"E":case"e":if(u==a&&"doctype"==s.substr(b-6,7).toLowerCase()){u=r;break}g(k);break;default:g(k)}function g(a){u==e?d+=a:n&&u==r&&(h+=a)}function y(){var e,r,a,t="",i=!1;e:for(e=0,r=h.length;e ":break e;case"/":i=!0;break;default:if(a.match(f)){if(i)break e}else i=!0,t+=a}-1!==n.indexOf(t)?d+=h:c&&(d+=c),h=""}return d}}); • give award associate production manager: Industrial Light & Magic Singapore Atwood’s prose is chillingly graphic, evoking the deadening effect that the erasure of sexual desire and free will has on both society and the individual. She maintained that every aspect of her fictional society was drawn from something that existed either currently or in the past somewhere in the world. Notably, the story was partly inspired by Puritanism in New England. The Handmaid’s Tale won the 1985 Governor General’s Literary Award for English-language fiction, and it was shortlisted for the 1986 Booker Prize. The widely discussed book became a staple of literature classes in high schools and universities, though it was also frequently challenged. Its notable adaptations include a 1990 film with a screenplay by Harold Pinter, an opera composed by Poul Ruders that premiered in 2000 in Copenhagen, and a ballet performed by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in 2013. In addition, a well-received television series, for which Atwood served as a consulting producer, debuted on Hulu in 2017. The Testaments, Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, was released in 2019. Abi Curtis Cathy Lowne Patricia Bauer • permalink Joseph Lawrence | Contact this seller 6. The manuscript source for this study is located at greenelab/scihub-manuscript. We used the Manubot to automatically generate the manuscript from Markdown files. This system — originally developed for the Deep Review to enable collaborative writing on GitHub ( Ching et al., 2017) — uses continuous analysis to fetch reference metadata and rebuild the manuscript upon changes ( Beaulieu-Jones and Greene, 2017). Guardian Puzzles app • • • save • I have mixed feelings about open publications – locking things behind paywalls can stifle dissemination of knowledge (bad) but there needs to be a level of vetting and approving of papers to ensure dross doesn’t get the same status as genuine (read: good) research which unfortunately costs money & time. It’s hard enough as it is with junk journals peddling bad science muddying the pool of knowledge without simply making it a free-for-all with no gate-keepers because ‘free’. • Jakeable Antarctica Sure it has some legal content too, but it has undeniably and openly a LOT of infringing content (bad faith), so I'd guess a judge would convict. Wikipedia may have some infringing content, but they hardly flaunt it and actually work to minimize such content (good faith). Hidden categories: window.modules["90"] = [function(require,module,exports){var baseFindIndex=require(794),baseIteratee=require(833),toInteger=require(913),nativeMax=Math.max;function findIndex(e,n,r){var t=null==e?0:e.length;if(!t)return-1;var a=null==r?0:toInteger(r);return a<0&&(a=nativeMax(t+a,0)),baseFindIndex(e,baseIteratee(n,3),a)}module.exports=findIndex; ... •